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Taking Advantage of Bad Credit Credit Cards
By Morgan Hamilton
If you have bad credit, you may probably think that there are no decent bad credit credit cards. As a matter of fact, bad credit credit cards do exist, but they are not always advertised as such. You Read more...


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Can You Get A Cash Back Credit Card?
By Hugh Thorpe
Heard about cash back credit cards? Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? It's hard to even imagine getting money back for all the things you buy with your credit card. It really sounds Read more...

How To Deal With Credit Card Mail Offers
By Peter Kenny
If you are annoyed by the constant credit card junk mail that you receive, then you are not alone. People all over the country are receiving literally dozens of credit cards offers every year, most Read more...

Tips For Obtaining A Business Credit Card
By Morgan Hamilton
The first thing that most businessmen will do in establishing businesses credit is to obtain a business credit card. It is important to know that these credit cards are not the same with credit cards Read more...

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Banking With Bad Credit
By Peter Kenny
If you have bad credit, then banking and using financial products can be hard. However, there are ways that you can bank with bad and still get the features that you want. Also, if you have good there are some actions you can take that will easily ruin your score and reduce your ability to get the deals that you want. Here is some advice on banking with bad credit, and how to make sure your rating isn't affected by your banking decisions

Disputing your report

One way to ruin your rating is to dispute all of the items on your report. Although disputing items that you know to be wrong is a good idea, some people try and dispute all items because unless the agency responds within 30 days they have to remove it. The problem with this is that if all the items on your report are removed, a bank or lender doesn't know if you are a good or bad borrower. They will not take the risk and so you will be left unable to get the financial products that you want. To avoid this, only dispute items on your report that you know to be inaccurate or false.

Not paying bills on time

Another way to hurt your rating is to pay your bills or bank fees late. If you do this then your report will show that you are unreliable, and the interest rates and fees that you are charged are likely to increase. Although it isn't always possible, try and pay your bills on time. Using an online bill paying system can help you to keep track of when you need to pay.

Bad affects your banking

If you have bad credit, then it will affect all aspects of your banking. Your bank is likely to be much tougher on you if they know that you are unreliable or have bad credit. You will be charged higher rates, and you will have limited access to features. Having bad will reduce the chances that you can get a competitive card and loan from your bank. Although you can still use a bank, having bad will harm your ability to use your bank to the fullest.

Improving your credit

There is no easy way to improve your credit, and the best

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thing to do is to simply pay your bills on time and then when you have the opportunity to borrow, do so cautiously and make sure you borrow only enough to show the bank you can be relied upon to pay the money back. If you are with a bank a long time and show them you are reliable, then you are more likely to get a better deal.

Switching banks

If your problems are behind you but you still think that your current bank is giving you a poor deal, then maybe it is time to switch banks. If your current bank won't reward you for your loyalty, then a new bank might reward you for switching over to them. Even people with bad are welcomed by banks as new customers, and so it pays to regularly shop around for the best deals. Although banking with bad can be tricky, if you stay financially stable and are willing to look around for a good deal then you will get the level of service that you require.
Peter Kenny is a writer for The Thrifty Scot. Please visit us at Current Accounts and Unfair Bank Charges Visit www.thriftyscot.co.uk

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