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What Is The Diference Between Credit Counselors And Credit Repair Companies?
By Nikola Govorko
Just as with lots of other things you do in life, using your budget wisely is a skill youll have to learn, just like riding a bike or driving a car. Some of us are better in this then others, Read more...


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Bad credit mortgage tides over a poor credit history
By Keith Gill
Applying for a mortgage or a home loan is fraught with difficulties. You need to have a good credit history if you want your loan application process to be completed smoothly. But, for those with a Read more...

Poor Credit Could Cost You a Good Job
By Charles Essmeier
Most people who live in the United States have some sort of credit history. Nearly everyone with whom you do business - utility companies, credit card companies, banks and credit unions report the Read more...

What Auto Financing Bad Credit Companies Can Do For Clients
In the game of vehicle financing, auto financing bad credit issues sometimes gets in the way. It is fortunate, though, that there are more than a few companies out there willing to take the risk of Read more...

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Putting Business Credit Cards To Work For You
By Morgan Hamilton
A small business owner should look into business cards. Business cards allow a business owner to keep personal and business expenses separate, making record keeping easier in the end. Business cards offer some additional perks also that can be quite helpful to a small business owner. Additionally, a business card adds to the professionalism of the company and helps to establish the business separate from the owners personal credit.

There are, no doubt, many perks to getting a business card. The biggest is being able to separate business and personal expenses. This is key to establishing the business as an entity separate from the owner. In the beginning all small business is based on the owners personal credit. This can cause problems, especially if the business owner has less than perfect credit. By establishing business the owner has the chance to build a good history that will help them in the future if the need arises for loans or other needs.

Business cards also allow the business owner to get additional cards for other key figures in the business. This is helpful so that if a purchase needs to be made the owner can send someone else without worrying about hassles. Many business cards also offer reward programs where the business owner can earn free air travel, merchandise or even gas rebates just for making purchases with their card. This can all add up to some big money savings for the business.

Being able to have a record of business expenses is also helpful. A business owner can make all purchases with their business card

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