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A Cash Back Credit Card Actually Means Money Back When You Pay
By Hugh Thorpe
Have you ever heard about cash back credit cards? It sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it? Can you really imagine getting money back for all the things you buy with your credit card? It Read more...


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Putting Business Credit Cards To Work For You
By Morgan Hamilton
A small business owner should look into business credit cards. Business credit cards allow a business owner to keep personal and business expenses separate, making record keeping easier in the end. Read more...

Separating Your Personal Credit From Your Business Credit!
By Trent Lee
Did you know that almost 9 out of 10 business owners start a business based off of their personal credit! They use their own saving to invest as start up capital then they personally guarantee Read more...

The Reason for Using Balance Transfer Credit Cards
By Morgan Hamilton
Balance transfer credit cards are tempting. They offer a person a chance to transfer the balance off other credit cards, to this credit card, which usually offers perks like low interest rates, or Read more...

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A Cash Back Credit Card Actually Means Money Back When You Pay
By Hugh Thorpe
Have you ever heard about cash back cards? It sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it? Can you really imagine getting money back for all the things you buy with your card? It sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? There are however, lots of card companies that offer this sort of deal. Although you only get about 1% of the money from your purchases back, it's still free money, isn't it? Well, there is a catch though.

If you are one of the heavy card users and you make a lot of purchases in a month, this probably sounds like a wonderful deal. The catch is that they don't give you cash back on everything you buy. They may say they give you a certain percentage cash back on everything you buy, but there may be a limit to how much you can get for each purchase. Most companies have lots of rules and regulations concerning how much they will give you back. So you have to read all the fine print very carefully. Offers like these are often just ploys to try to get new customers. your rating must be in order to take advantage of such offers. Since no company wants to give away free money, they will check your history carefully before giving you a card like this.

It's always a good idea to shop around a little before you pick a card. There is a wide variety of different cards out there, and you might find just the right one that suits your buying needs. You could find great deals that gives you back a high percentage of cash back with few rules and limits. Chances are, the better the deal is, the more carefully they will scrutinize your history. There are some card companies that offer

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good deals to customers who are looking to repair their rating and rebuild good credit. Look into everything and don't forget your individual tastes and buying habits.

Your decision of accepting a deal like this should be based on your own habits and needs. Like most things in life, there is no one-size-fits-all card. There are companies that offer cards with up to 3% back! Always keep in mind though; deals that seem too good to be true most often are. Still, a card with cash back may not be the one for you. You may want one that will help you rebuild your rating, if that is necessary. Keep all this in mind and read the fine print carefully when choosing a card.
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