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Earn Free Flights with an Airline Credit Card Offer
By Rosanna Yee
In this day and age, we are always traveling. Whether on a business trip, visiting home for the holidays, or you just want to go on vacation, planning and funding the flight is always a headache. Read more...


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Everything You Wanted To Know About Credit Repair Software
By john cena
Some companies advertise that they have a credit report repair Software and also they will teach you credit repair secrets, for a fee of course. There is a lot of free information here, if you know Read more...

How To Deal With Credit Card Mail Offers
By Peter Kenny
If you are annoyed by the constant credit card junk mail that you receive, then you are not alone. People all over the country are receiving literally dozens of credit cards offers every year, most Read more...

How Can I Repair My Credit Report?
By john cena
There are a number of legal and effective credit repair techniques that have been used by individuals and credit repair companies to improve credit scores. Number one is removing negative items from Read more...

Credit is awarded to learners on the successful completion of a unit or units once appropriate assessment procedures have been followed. A credit is awarded for the achievement of those outcomes which a learner, on average, might reasonably be expected to achieve in a notional 30 hours of learning.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cashback Credit Cards
By Morgan Hamilton
When you are considering cashback cards offers, remember to study all the features and fees of each card, and not just the offers that give you cash back or bonus points. Make it a point to know the interest rate during and after the introductory offer, the duration of the introductory offer, the annual fee, and other details of the fine print on every card application. Before you apply for this type of card, you should know that the majority of the best cashback cards require that an applicant has an excellent score.

The American Express Card is considered as one of the best cashback cards in the card market. It offers five percent of cash back when you use it to buy gas. Users enjoy a zero percentage introductory APR, no annual fee, and a fixed transfer fee of 4.99 percent.

This card also enables users to set up an automatic monthly bill paying system that gives cash back on telephone and cable bills, parking fees, and even transportation expenses. However, some long distance charges with some carriers might not qualify.

This card allows users to order more than one card on the same account, in the name of any family member 18 years or older, at no additional activation charge. They can even qualify for a no-fee transfer from other higher rate cards.

One feature that makes this card one of the best cashback cards for customers is the convenience of being able to keep track of expenses and card use for tax preparation and budgeting. An online feature called Summary of Charges permits users to access their account information for the entire year. It allows them to sort the use of the card by vendor or merchant name, by

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date, or by the amount of the charge.

It’s easier when you can categorize the charges and review them by category. Users can assign a travel category, a business equipment category, a restaurant category, and so forth. Other available online information includes, monthly charge totals, billing information, and a history of the payments on the card balance

Cashback cards also make point of sale purchases easy. This card allows the user to hold the card up to the point of the point of sale reader. There is no more need to sign anything or to swipe the card. Other features and benefits, along with those mentioned here makes the American Express Card, one of the best cash back cards available today.
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