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We Link You There!!!

i-Prosper.biz is one of the leading online business center website that links you to the relevant source for hundreds of products and services under various categories ranging from career, computer, software, internet & IT technology, music, lifestlyle, automotive, travel, shopping, hobby, home & garden, health & beauty to B-to-B opportunity. etc.

Our site always provide the updated sources of new high quality, creative products and innovative services all the time.

We will help you find exactly what precise goods, services and information you are really looking for. Just choose the relevant category and click on the button or the banner you want, we link you to the destination site. Let's go surfing.


About Us

          Operating under two distinguished online domain names: i-prosper.biz and i-prosper.org, our site is a web portal that provides you with interesting content, relevant information, innovative products and impressive online services for your enjoyment and satisfaction.
          i-Prosper also allies with innumerable strategic partners' website. Our business alliance consists of prominent authors, academic scholars, marketers, merchants, wholesalers, retailers, advertisers, and agencies, etc., in every region of the country and around the world to join within our website or to connect you to the other source of other related partners' websites and to the world of information you are looking for online.
          Therefore, our website not only has gathered hundreds of links, content, and articles covering topic from animals to tourism and from daily lifestyle to international business within our own site, but also offers you the power to access the links to other websites of our business partners and advertisers for the relevant information, products, services, and content available on the worldwide internet.
          With the wide range of interesting categories covering everything from technology gadgets to financial instruments
i-prosper.biz is your complete source for news, articles and information. According to the research conducted by the National Research Institute, with over 400 million potential internet users world-wide a day in 20 countries and 15 languages, the internet and e-commerce online business are increasing its importance everyday. Our site has recognized such the incident and has gathered all essential global internet service for consumers and businesses. We offer you the power to access and link to product information and marketing materials infinitely. These are our mission, our philosophy and our promise. These are our identity; these are ...i-Prosper.


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