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Category: Careers & Jobs

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        ... Updated on November 8, 2006 ...  


Evaluating A Job Offer.
   Author:   Tony Jacowski.
   Article::   Copyright © 2006 Tony Jacowski.

A job offer can reveal a great deal about a prospective employer. It can convey the seriousness of the employer; a candidate's value to the company and most importantly, the very decision of taking up the offer. It is usually based upon a number of factors out of which only some are flexible. While a factor may be of prime importance to one candidate, it may not be of much significance to another. Here are a few key points to make note of before taking (or turning down) a job offer:

1. Title And Nature Of The Job : Titles or positions are short but strategic and practical information about the role of a candidate and his/her responsibilities; therefore, it is of prime importance. It is always advisable to be clear on the job role so that one is certain and mentally ready to accept the new and coveted responsibilities. If in a certain case the job description isn't explanatory enough, one can keep the option of turning it down (when in doubt).

2. Salary : It would be an educated career move to possess knowledge about industry standards and compare the salary offered to the same. Nobody can question the importance of money in life and thus it is an important decision making criteria. A candidate must be sure to ask about the timing of the salary, salary reviews and performance appraisals. Generally, performance reviews are conducted once every year or once every six months, depending on the company policy.

3. Bonuses : Bonuses can add a considerable amount to the total pay package. It depends upon the company's relative profit or it can be offered during performance appraisals.

4. Benefits : Benefits or perks add to the base pay of an employee. Generally, companies offer health and dental insurance through the respective providers. One should find out the facilities and the coverage extended by these providers. Some companies also offer perks or added benefits to some senior executives and managers of the company, including personal perk such as daycare on site, company car, etc. Not all companies offer such perks nor are all employees are entitled to them.

5. Job Location : This again is an important piece of information to consider. There's no point taking up a job where a substantial amount of salary is spent commuting, leave alone the time wasted but also the fatigue due to long hours of travel. You must gauge the factors and see if it is worth relocating or otherwise traveling long distances.

6. Work Culture And Opportunities Offered To An Employee : This again is a subjective case and cannot be answered with much expertise, as it again varies from person to person, to like or not like the work environment and work culture. While an older person (in a senior position) may not like the open door policy or the culture at work, another middle-aged person, or for that matter, yet another older person may like this very much. The attitude and aptitude actually differs from person to person so judge what suits you best and make the best decision you can for your job .

This Article Written by Tony Jacowski - © 2006 Tony Jacowski

About the author:

Tony Jacowski is the author of this article, and he is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal.
Visit Tony Jacowski and see the author's related websites : Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online. The site offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts .

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