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Personal Loans and Your Credit Score
By Joe Hanoa
Did you know that your credit score will most definitely impact the rate you pay on loans? Thatís right, the higher your credit score the lower your interest rate will be for a home mortgage, auto Read more...


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The Power of Balance Transfer Credit Cards
By Morgan Hamilton
Have you given in to the temptation of balance transfer credit cards? You will be able to transfer the balance off other credit cards to balance transfer credit cards. You will then benefit from Read more...

Are You Ready For A Credit Card?
By Peter Kenny
If you are young and just getting to grips with financial products, you may have looked into getting a credit card. Although credit cards are not an essential product for everyone, many people have Read more...

Save Money on Gas with Multiple Credit Cards
By Jeremy Biberdorf
If youíre serious about saving money on gas, consider using more than one credit card. You can exploit all the benefits of each card. Then when you reach the rewards limit, simply switch to using Read more...

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What to Look for in Balance Transfer Credit Cards
By Morgan Hamilton
Balance transfer cards can be quite tempting. They offer a person the opportunity to ditch those nasty high interest rate cards, while usually throwing in some nice incentives to sweeten the deal. However, a person should be fully aware that there is nothing magic about about balance transfers. It's not like your debts just go away.

A very common reason that an individual considers a balance transfer card is that they want to consolidate all their card debt onto one card. This certainly is a convenience and cuts down on the number of bills they they have to pay. But be careful, when people do this they may actually end up paying more. The reason for this is that even though these cards often offer no or low interest initially, the free ride does not last forever. The rates will go up. So when the introductory period is over, the rates could be even higher than what they were paying before.

The best way to handle this problem is to pay down as much of the debt as possible before the rates go up. It is also vitally important that a person makes their payments on time. And do everything in your power not to add to that balance. Staying on top of payments and setting a plan to pay off the debt is the best way to ensure that a balance transfer card does the person good rather than harm. Balance transfer cards are a wonderful asset for those that have fiscal discipline.

Instead of dealing with multiple cards, with multiple interest rates, payment dates and fees,

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