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Tips For Choosing Automotive Credit Cards
By Morgan Hamilton
If you are fond of credit card rewards, then you should take advantage of the rewards that automotive credit cards offer. These cards pair a major credit card company with automotive manufacturers. Read more...


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Using Student Credit Cards to Build Solid Credit
By Morgan Hamilton
Once a student graduates from high school and heads off to college they will be tempted with student credit cards. Student credit cards are aimed at college students. They are easier to get and are Read more...

Debt Consolidation Can Be Essential To Your Credit Repair
By Nikola Govorko
Each on us has a particular financial position, and most of us have some kind of debt to return. It can mean both, the big home loan or a small credit card bills. It actually means that all of us Read more...

What to Look for in Balance Transfer Credit Cards
By Morgan Hamilton
Balance transfer credit cards can be quite tempting. They offer a person the opportunity to ditch those nasty high interest rate credit cards, while usually throwing in some nice incentives to Read more...

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What Is The Diference Between Credit Counselors And Credit Repair Companies?
By Nikola Govorko
Just as with lots of other things you do in life, using your budget wisely is a skill youll have to learn, just like riding a bike or driving a car. Some of us are better in this then others, managing money and having a good score just comes easier to some people.

If you learn how to manage your debts right, you can preserve an excellent rating which is going to permit you to keep receiving credit. And in case that you fail and dont manage to continue with on time payments to your creditors (or even go in default) your rating will drop and youll be stuck with a bad score until you start repair or file for bankruptcy.

One of the ways towards the repair is to slowly start building your score back to previous level. In case that you are not a financial expert, as most of us are not, you are going to need help in this endeavor. This is where counselors come in.

Usually counseling is done by profit free agencies, and you shouldnt confuse them with profit oriented repair firms. The mayor difference between the two is that counselors will provide you with information and knowledge for do it yourself fix while repair companies will do most of the work for you, but will charge you for it.

If you decide to go with a repair company be very careful to choose reputable company with years in business and scores of satisfied clients which can verify their record. Also look for a company which is going to work on more then just trying to remove negative items on your report. Beware of any shortcuts here, and if any illegal activity is suggested (like getting a new address and through it a new rating) run away without turning back, that company is a scam. You can also do a good deed and report them to FTC, it might prevent other people from falling in their trap.

By contrast a counselor is going to give you advice about fixing your report yourself. One very important advantage of that is that by attempting repair yourself youll be learning many things about financial responsibility and financials in general.

Before you begin you should prepare yourself for a long and hard battle, which will require an enormous amount of self discipline, time and patience. However by working with counselor,

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youll be getting a lot of help in making long term financial plans that youll need to start successful repair.

Look for a counselor which is going to provide you with workshops and educational materials as well as with advice. It will help you to learn how to plan your budget and how to stick to it, this is going to be of a major benefit to you over long time.
You will also receive a personal consultation. That way youll be able study and learn how to make vise financial decisions based on your personal financial experience.

One other thing you should know is that by using a counselor for your repair effort, you will gain several major benefits you wouldnt receive from a repair company. First is that your repair will be long term, youll be learning how to handle your money wisely and thus making a long term changes to your financial habits. By doing that it is very unlikely youll ever find your self in a financial trouble caused by overspending again.
At Debt-Free-Family we are dedicated to help you get out of debt, repair your credit and enjoy a debt free life. Find out how to start easy Bad Credit Repair

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